Why The Bird?

September 8, 2017



In case you hadn't noticed, our logo at Public Coffee House is a RAVEN. 

I know, it looks really cool! It gives it a slightly edgy feel.

But it also causes a lot of questions. “Why the raven? Thats dark.”, “Does that have something to do with Edger Allen Poe?”, “Do you guys just like birds are something?” Or “Why not just a cross?” 


We like the questions, and we welcome them.

Because when someone asks, we get to tell them the story behind the raven. 

And its a good story. 

So even if you hadn't wondered, or didn't care, I'm going to tell you anyways. 


One time, a long time ago. In the time of the kings of Israel, there was a king named Ahab. He was over-the-top wicked (Not “cool” wicked. He was “sacrificing babies wicked”). He had a wife Jezebel. She was even worse than her husband Ahab. Together they were a power couple (powerfully dark). They lead the people of Israel in deep, dark, sin. They introduced other gods to the people. “Gods” that required human sacrifices and temple prostitutes. It was and awful time for Israel. 


But in the midst of the darkness there was a prophet of God. Elijah. He was a bold man that hated evil and fought for righteousness. 

Elijah was lead by God to deliver a message to the king. This was not a message that the king wanted to hear. 

Elijah went to the palace and spoke the message from God. “Because of your sin, and because you have lead the people astray to worship darkness and do such evil deeds, there will be no rain until I give the word” (mic drop) 

Ahab did not like this. 

But before he could do anything, God spoke to Elijah saying, “RUN! Go to the brook Cherith. I will keep water in the brook even in the drought, and I will send ravens to bring you food” (theres the bird).


Elijah didn't waste a second. He ran. Hard and fast. He ran far. And he came to the brook. And that evening he saw them. Ravens came out of the sky with bread and meet in their talons. They brought him the food, and he ate.

He was revived. And it continued. As long as he was there, the ravens feed him, morning and night. 


In the midst of such an evil time, with evil people, and an overload of sin, God sent Elijah to the brook of Cherith. It was a place of rest and refuge. A place where God was ministering to him. Providing for him and protecting Him.


Thats it. Thats what Public is supposed to be. A place like the brook Cherith. A place of rest. Of refuge. Of provision. And protection. 


And like the ravens. An unlikely source of provision. Thats what me (Mallory) and Kory want to be. Nothing special. Nothing impressive. Dirty old ravens. But used in a mind blowing way. Used to care for Gods kids. 


Thats why the bird. 


Now if you’re in need of a brook Cherith, come to Public. Come to Jesus, and he will give you rest. 

If you want to be used by God in a big way, humble yourself. Recognize that you are a raven and God can use you. Not because you are anything impressive, but because He is God. And be willing to do whatever. Even delivering bread. 






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